Become the partner
your horse deserves.

Find the key to an extraordinary relationship with
your horse through trust & respect.


The Key to Unlocking Extraordinary Equine Relationships

the key is found when trust & respect come together.


  • Is Patient

  • Is Kind

  • Is Humble

  • Is Courteous

  • Would Never Intentionally Harm the Horse

  • Is Communicated to the Horse Through Feel



  • Is Strong

  • Doesn’t Go Looking for Trouble

  • Doesn’t Dodge Trouble

  • Is Confident

  • Is Communicated to the Horse Through Feel

When you have the key, it promises the horse:

I will never harm you. i will do whatever it takes to make sure nothing will harm you. If you stay with me, you are safe. You have nothing to fear. It’s ok if you do get fearful because it just gives me the chance to prove that I am unwavering in this promise to you.

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“I have taken 4 or 5 clinics with Robbie! He has helped my horse & I develop trust. He is very patient, can watch you and your horse and know exactly what you need to work on. I learn so much in each clinic and can’t wait for the next one.”

- Marilu Jason


Even after several years of riding with Robbie, I find that the quality of instruction and information is still 1st rate and still lots of FUN! If your horse has some rough spots, Robbie can help you smooth them out. Don't be shy, first time riders will fit right in. Come ready to ride!

- Jace Buchanan


“I cannot say enough good things about Robbie’s level of horsemanship and how he has helped me develop as a rider and a trainer! Big thanks to you, Robbie!”

- Michele Parrish