Do you wish for a better relationship between you and your horse?

Through improved communication, you and your horse can become confident with each other to better your performance in any riding discipline. In clinics, lessons, and private training for riders and horses of all disciplines and abilities, Robbie focuses on combining natural horsemanship techniques with practical purpose. He teaches the human how to understand the horse's natural behavior and helps to establish a relationship where your horse would rather be with you than anywhere else.


Successful horse training is about trust and respect - from both you and your horse. As the human partner, you need to have a purpose and a reason. Your equine partner just needs to know that you know, and he'll have the security he needs to want to be with you.  

Horses are honest - they'll tell you what they need. Understand that your horse is doing exactly what he needs to do at any given moment.  In working with your horse, if you do the same thing over and over, you'll get the same result.  Learn to recognize when your horse "gets it", and then move on and present him with something new. Keep your horse interested in what you have to offer. When you work with your  horse, let them hunt and explore and make mistakes. Once they've found the right answer, they've got it. They've got ownership of the knowledge. Once it's theirs, nobody can take it from them. 

Before you ever start to reach to ask your horse to do something you should have in mind what you are asking and where you are trying to direct.
— Tom Dorrance


 "Having ridden with 4 nationally known and several lesser known clinicians, I asked myself why should I continue to drive many miles and spend saddlebags of money when I have found the same quality of information and instruction practically in my back yard (western NC).   Robbie won't brag about his credentials, but he's got them..."

- Jace Buchanan, NC

interested in hosting a clinic of your own?

Robbie would be happy to come out to your location for a one or two day clinic.