Robbie and his interns are available to take a limited number of horses in for training. Whether you have a horse ready to be started under saddle or one who needs a refresher course, Robbie is ready to help!

Robbie has partnered with Hope for Horses, who have been serving Western North Carolina since 1999 by assisting in rescues and providing valuable rehabilitation and adoption services.  While in training with Robbie, your horse will be boarded at Hope for Horses' facility under the care of their knowledgeable staff.

Owner involvement is a vital key to this training opportunity. Lodging is available if needed. 

Training + Board - $1500 per month

*A portion of the fee goes to Hope for Horses' adoption program.

  • Access to The Boundary trail system for giving horses trail experience

  • 4 stall barn (separate from Hope for Horses rescue horses)

  • 4 grass pastures with woven wire fencing + hot rope along the top

  • Dry lot (if needed)

  • Round pen

  • Full size arena

  • Wash rack

  • Tack & feed room


Facility Photos

To follow the progress of the horses in training, follow Robbie Potter Horsemanship on Instagram or Facebook.


I chose to have Robbie and his awesome foursome of interns work with my young horse for a few different reasons. Through his clinics, I was already impressed with Robbie’s teaching style and energy. With my horse under his wing, I felt confident that Robbie would be just as focused on teaching me as he would be on training my horse. Additionally, given that I would be the one ultimately taking the reins, I wanted my horse to learn how to get along well with people with less experience and finesse than the likes of a Robbie Potter. Don’t get me wrong, the interns were truly awesome, and their work with my horse and me has served us very well.

I was invited to submerge myself in the training program as much as my schedule would allow, and indeed I did. In addition to the many insights I received about my horse, I learned a great deal about my way of being with a horse. My youngster soaked it all up and his transformation over just one month was astounding. And, I’d like to believe that I’ve become a calmer and more intuitive horsewoman. Is this the end of the process? No way! I’ve a smart young horse on my hands and I still have so much to learn. When challenges arise (and they already have!) I’ll continue to call upon Robbie and his crew. I’m profoundly appreciative of what they’ve done for my horse and my relationship with him.
— Nancy Kay
Mogen, is home!! I picked him up this morning. He spent two months in what has to be the most individualized, positive, and effective training program ever!! What a confident, trusting, and respectful horse he has become. I am very pleased, amazed, excited, and grateful!!!

Thanks to Robbie Potter, his interns, Hope For Horses, and everyone else involved.
— Lee Hardin