Steak and Gravy Day

When I taught school the stretch from after the Christmas break until the spring break at Easter was a long, monotonous string of days filled with grumpy kids and grumpier teachers. I realized just how terrible the kids must be feeling about school because I knew how I was feeling about it! I decided to get excited about something at school. I knew it really didn't matter what it was, I only knew MY outlook had to change. One of the choices for lunch that day was steak and gravy so I chose to get excited about steak and gravy day. I convinced some of the kids to get excited about it too. We thanked the cafeteria ladies for the wonderful meal of steak and gravy. If you liked steak and gravy or not was irrelevant. Soon other kids joined in the fun. We marked our calendars for all the steak and gravy days and made sure the supply of hot sauce was plentiful. Now we had something to look forward to before spring break rolled around. It really turned things around for us.

Often times our horses can have the same outlook that I had before I learned about steak and gravy day. It would serve our relationship with our horses well if we can teach the idea of steak and gravy day to them, but we first must learn and apply it to ourselves.

My wish for each and every one of you is that 2019 is filled with countless Steak and Gravy Days!

- Robbie