I've Got This


Ray Hunt would talk about how your horse can get sure about things and unsure about things. Often times a rider feels their horse get unsure about something but they are unable to get him feeling sure about things again. Too many times when this happens I've seen riders pet the horse with a feel that is gentle and tender. They usually say in a soothing voice,"It's OK." All the while the horse is saying,"It's OK?!!!! There's something catastrophic about to happen to us and you say 'It's OK?' I'm outta here!"

It's like a child wanting to go through a haunted house at Halloween. Now that kid was probably pretty sure about this deal right up until it's time to walk through, and then he or she got really unsure. That's when that child could benefit from me taking their hand firmly with a feel that says,"You don't have to worry. You're  with me, and I've got this." It wouldn't be the kind of firmness that would make them think I'd drag them through no matter what. And it sure wouldn't be a soft feel that made them think I hope I can handle this. It would be a comforting feel that provided strength, security, and confidence. 

When we feel this unsureness in our horse it sure is helpful if we can provide him with this same feel through the reins, our seat, and our petting. The horse would really benefit from us being able to tell him with a feel that,"You don't need to be afraid. You're with me. I've got this."

- Robbie