Patience: The Third Ingredient

I used to pray for patience. I guess I figured an angel would hover over me sprinkling patience on me from a salt shaker. I've quit praying for patience. No salt shakers filled with patience carried on the wings of angels. Instead I noticed I was constantly finding myself in situations where I got to practice patience. 

I, like most people, have to remind myself to wait when I'm working with a horse. I get impatient and want things to happen on my schedule. It doesn't work too well when I try to do things that way. I've yet to see a horse wearing a watch. 

We must remember, we don't fix anything with the horse. We set things up so the horse can sort things out and allow him to take care of the fixing. When he's trying to do this we need to practice patience and give him the time he needs to do the fixing. Just when we think we can't wait any longer we should be patient and wait just a little longer. That's usually just the moment when the horse gets things sorted out and learns that we just might be beneficial to him. 

Patience. The third ingredient in learning feel.