Peace: The One Thing That Cannot Be Counterfeited


We all have the ability to provide the horse with a place to be content within himself and when he is there in that place with us he finds peace regardless of what's going on around him. It is then that he is at ease. We all have this ability. This is the time with a horse that the human might be better off just brushing on the horse and being with him instead of feeling the need to do something to the horse like running him around and kicking up lots of dust in an attempt to get to that place.  Brushing might be what he needs at that moment to find peace.

Peace: the one thing in this world that cannot be counterfeited. 

Once we get this with a young horse we should strive to never jeopardize his trust in us when we work from this place of contentment. This is the KEY. Where the trust and respect are in balance so we can work in the space where they overlap each other. 

It seems that horses that are in trouble with people have lost this trust and now the human is no longer worthy of much respect  from the horse. Often when we work with this type of horse we must establish the respect that has been lost so we can present the horse with situations where he can start to trust us again. These horses tend to need to test us on the trust and respect more often than the horse that never learned that the human can let him down. Or worse was never taught that he can find this contentment and peace from the human right from the start. Once he starts to trust us again he can become content when he is with us in this place where he is at ease. He is at peace.