What's In A Name?

On February 16-17, 2019, I had the honor of competing in the SEFHA Colt Starting Challenge. I had an interesting colt for the weekend. He gave me his heart and soul. After working with him for a while I decided to call him Rango. That name was really important to me. Every single time I said his name I was reminded of a courageous  young woman named Sarah. Some of her family members supported me by attending the event. I do not have the words to express my appreciation for that. Unfortunately, Sarah was unable to attend due to a terrible sickness that I won't even try to discuss. The disease is not important. Sarah is. I got to know Sarah because of her horse, Rango. Since she couldn't be there I thought I'd like to have my own Rango if only for the weekend. In a way it allowed Sarah to be there too. 

Over the last few months Sarah lost a lot of weight and unlike me, she didn't have any to spare. I tried to convince her to get on my diet plan because it sure does seem to be working well for me. Cheeseburgers and chocolate shakes were the key we decided. 

The Saturday following the competition at 9:48 AM (I checked the times on my phone) I sent Sarah a picture of my "weekend" with Rango. At 10:13 AM I called Van Arnold, the owner of the colts used for the competition, and after a short conversation the deal was made and Rango was now mine. At 2:33 PM I received a phone call from Sarah's family letting me know this brave young mother had passed away.  

I have my own Rango now. It's amazing how things shape up. Every time I say his name I will be reminded of Sarah and her amazing family. 

As I drove home after that last phone call I stopped at a little drive-in, sat down on a bar stool, and had a cheeseburger and a chocolate shake. 

Tally Ho!