The Registration Process + Communications


Organizing and hosting a clinic can be a very stressful ordeal, but it doesn't have to be.  By implementing a few simple procedures you can take care of the potential stresses ahead of time. This article will discuss the process of receiving registrations and your communication with the participants.  In my experience, communication really is key and I've found that the more you give clear, precise information to your participants, the happier they are. Happy participants are a huge factor to a successful clinic! :)

1. Receiving Registrations

The best way to receive registrations is to have an online form that participants can complete and submit with their information. Good news, folks! We have already done this for you! When you sign up to host a Robbie Potter clinic, we add your clinic info to the schedule and create a registration form that people can complete and submit. The information collected from this form will be sent directly to your email address where you can store the information and keep for your records. This information is also automatically saved in a spreadsheet as a secondary storage. I highly recommend saving each of these registrations in a specific folder or printing them out and keeping a hard copy for your records. 

This is a sample of what your registration form will look like:

As you can see, all of the information that you need is collected and you have the participants phone number and email address should you need to contact them. I normally do most of my correspondence via email unless there is a special case where there is last minute information that I want to be sure that a participant receives.

2. Confirming Registrations

After a participant has submitted a registration, it is very important that you get in touch with them confirming that you have received their registration and what their next step is. I like to thank them for signing up and let them know whether they are in the clinic or on the wait list.

If the participants are able to leave their horses at your farm during the clinic weekend, this is a good time to get this detail ironed out so you can begin getting an idea of what you will need to prepare for. I usually ask if they need a stall or paddock and let them know what the fee is.

I then let them know about the deposit, when it's due, and where they need to send it to.  At the end of this email, I include the clinic cancellation policy, which you will need to do as well.

Below is a sample email that I send out to my participants as they register (feel free to copy!):


Enter this as your email subject - "Robbie Potter Clinic Registration Confirmation"

Dear (Participant Name),

Thank you for registering for our Robbie Potter horsemanship clinic on (Clinic Date)!  You are officially on the list to participate. Do you need stall/paddock accommodations for your horse?  Stall fees are (Enter Stall Fee) and paddock fees are (Enter Paddock Fee).

A $50 deposit is required to hold your spot. This deposit is due by (30 Days Before Clinic) and the remaining balance will be due by (30 Days Before Clinic). Please make your check out to (Your Name) and send to:

(Your Mailing Address)

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you and I look forward to having you in the clinic!

Sincerely - (Your Name & Contact Info)

Clinic Cancellation Policy:
A non-refundable/non-transferable deposit of $50 is due when completing the required registration, with the remaining balance due to be paid in full, 30 days prior to the clinic. If this amount is not satisfied per the 30 day requirement, this spot will become open and available to the public.

If unforeseen circumstances should prevent the participant from attending the clinic after the balance has been paid in full, the host and/or participant have the option of filling the spot from the host’s waiting list. The replacement  participant will be responsible for paying $350, plus facility fees if any apply. This is to be paid directly to the host upon arrival.

Should the spot remain unfilled, the participant  has the option of transferring $300 towards another clinic, or RPH will reimburse $300, minus 25% for organizational fees and expenses.



3. Organizing Registrations

After you've received and confirmed incoming registrations, it's time to organize them. We have provided a participant chart that enables you to list each participant's name and keep up with if they have paid or not. Once your list is full, there is a place to start your wait list. If you prefer to keep up with this list on your computer, use this Word document version of this chart. If you want to print this chart off and manually write information in it, use this PDF version. This little chart has been a lifesaver for me on many occasions! 

4. Hold Them Accountable

After you've organized your registrations, it's time to mark your calendars with reminders for your deposit and remaining balance due dates. Chances are, your participants are going to wait until the last minute to get their deposits in, IF they remember. :) At the 2-week mark before a due date, I will start sending weekly email reminders to all participants who have not yet gotten their fees in.

Below is a sample reminder email:


Enter this as your email subject - "Robbie Potter Clinic Deposit Reminder"

Dear (Participant Name),

It is getting close to deposit time for our upcoming Robbie Potter Clinic on (Enter Clinic Date). Please be sure to send your $50 deposits in (Enter Due Date) to avoid losing your spot. You can make your check out to (Enter Your Name) and send to:

(Your Mailing Address)

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!

Sincerely - (Your Name & Contact Info)

Clinic Cancellation Policy:
If participant cancels prior to 30 days before the clinic, there is no penalty. If participant cancels after that time, no money is refunded. In either case, the participant has the option of finding a replacement. If a replacement is found, the participant must inform us of the name of their replacement and we will apply the initial payment to the replacement. Participant should receive reimbursement for monies paid directly from their replacement.


5. Making the Call

If the deposit due date comes and goes and you still have outstanding deposits, it's time to make the call. The day after a due date, I normally email any participants who have failed to mail their deposits in to let them know that their spot is being given to someone on the wait list. I still maintain a professional and friendly tone with my email to them.

Below is a sample email: 


Enter this as your email subject - "Robbie Potter Clinic - Spot Forfeited"

Dear (Participant Name),

I am sorry to inform you that your spot for our upcoming Robbie Potter clinic has been offered to the wait list due to not receiving your deposit in time. Please let me know if you'd like to be placed back on the wait list in case there are any openings between now and the clinic.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!

Sincerely - (Your Name & Contact Info)


After letting a participant know that their spot is being given to the wait list, I then begin contacting the people on my wait list in the order that I received their registrations. The wait list should be told to submit their deposits in ASAP and be informed of the date that the final balance is due by.

If you've exhausted your wait list and still have some openings, please contact Jessie and she will put the word out via social media & email marketing.