The Day Before Clinic Weekend To-Do List

As your clinic draws near, it's hard to remember everything that you need to do. Here is a to-do list that will help you be prepared for your big weekend. Some of these may or may not be applicable depending on your set-up.

  1. Print Liability Release Forms - Yours + Robbie's (click here for Robbie's)

  2. Clean Barn - wash/disinfect water buckets for guest horses, clear aisle, prepare stalls/paddocks for guest horses

  3. Confirm Early Arrivals - find out what time you can expect any participants coming in the day before

  4. Confirm Clinic Lunch Plans

  5. Prepare Arena - make sure all boards are secure, water & drag if applicable

  6. Purchase Bottled Waters and/or Other Drinks You Plan to Offer

  7. First Aid Kit - Locate your first aid kit and keep it close to the arena.

  8. NC General Statutes - Chapter 99E - Make sure your NC General Statutes - Chapter 99E sign is clearly visible for participants entering the barn and/or arena.