Filling Your Robbie Potter Clinic

So you've booked a clinic, now how do you get 10-15 spaces filled?


Apart from Robbie being an incredible horseman and clinician, the reason that my clinics at Zion Farm fill quickly is because of the positive experience that my participants have while they are at my farm. When they visit Zion Farm, they are family. If a participant feels welcomed and comfortable at a farm, they are likely to learn more at a clinic and are likely to come back to your future clinics. I've been hosting Robbie Potter clinics since 2008 and a lot of my participants have been coming since then. I usually have 1-3 new riders at each clinic but for the most part, they have ridden with us before.  As the clinic host, really try to make an effort to reach out to each participant over the course of the weekend and ask them if they need anything, inquire about their life with their horse and encourage them throughout the weekend. You don't have to interrogate them, but simply showing that you truly care that they have a good experience will go a long way!

1. Ask Horse Friends and/or Boarders

Most of us have a group of horse friends that we hang with and this is a great place to start when filling a clinic because you already know these people and this would be a great way to have a fun and educational weekend with them. Tell your friends to invite their friends too!

If you manage a boarding farm, ask your boarders! Let them know that you are hosting a clinic right there on the farm. 

2. Social Media is Your Friend

Social media can help tremendously when hosting a clinic. When you book a clinic not only do we add it to the website, we create a Facebook Event page with all of the clinic details and your contact information. This is where you can send your friends invites and post on public local horse groups to help spread the word. 

3. We Help You.

We want your clinic to be filled just as much as you do, so we step in and help get the word out by posting on Robbie's Facebook page and also by sending out emails periodically to our email list announcing your clinic and directing people where they can register.

If your clinic is a month away and you still have several spots open, please contact us and let us know so that we can do some extra advertising for you. We will do all that we can to help you fill your clinic.