About Robbie’s Clinics

Robbie conducts his clinics in a manner that is beginner-friendly as well as challenging to more seasoned horses and riders. He meets the horse and rider where they currently are and guides them to a place of better understanding where they can truly come together and achieve a better partnership. 

At a typical clinic, Robbie covers a variety of topics from ground work to work under saddle and everything in between. 

Robbie is available to travel to your farm for clinics. If you are interested in hosting a Robbie Potter clinic, please complete the "Schedule a Clinic"  form below:


Clinic Participant FAQ's

My horse is very green under saddle, would a Robbie Potter clinic be a good fit?

Yes, Robbie is fantastic at helping green horses along with their training. A clinic setting is a wonderful learning environment for green horses and can be a very helpful experience for both horse and rider. 

I am a beginner rider, would a Robbie Potter clinic be suitable for me to continue my education with horsemanship?

Absolutely! Robbie works with all levels of riders.

Does it matter that I ride English?

Not at all. Robbie's clinics usually consist of a mixture between English and western riders. 

I have a specific issue that I need guidance with, can Robbie help me?

Yes! Robbie is happy to take time to help you work out any specific issues that you are having with your horse.

Clinic Host FAQ's

What is the maximum # of participants allowed in a clinic?

Robbie will accept up to 15 riders in a clinic. 

What is Robbie's clinic fee?

Please contact us to inquire about Robbie's current clinic pricing and format.

Are spectators allowed?

Robbie leaves this decision up to the host of the clinic. If the host would like to allow spectators for free or for a fee, that is up to them. All spectator fee's go to the clinic host. 

Do you provide any advertising materials for clinic hosts?

Once your clinic is scheduled, we will provide you with a poster image file (PDF & JPG) with your information on it that you can print and post at your barn and/or other locations. If you are on Facebook, we will help get an event page set up that you can manage and invite people to your clinic.