About Robbie

Robbie started riding and working with horses before he started school. While on the playground at school when he was in kindergarten he heard a team of horses in full harness coming down the road. They were being led behind a pickup truck. That's how farmers moved their draft animals from one field to another. In those days no one around had horse trailers. He got in serious trouble for climbing the fence and chasing after the horses! His desire to get with the horse has never let up and has given him the opportunity to ride with and learn from Tom Curtin, Bryan Neubert, Ray Hunt, and Peter Campbell. He now shares what he has learned with others.

"I learned at a very early age how to get along with the horse. Not to be a war-maker or a peace-keeper but a 
peace-maker. This is what I want to teach others."

Robbie’s Blog

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